Joplin, Missouri is located in southwest Missouri on the I-44 corridor.  With excellent interstate access both north, south, east and west it offers great opportunities to visit a number of large cities while living in a mid-size town.  It is also accessable to a number of major lakes for the fisherman or water sport enthusiast.

Two years ago on May 11, 2011 Joplin had the heart of the city ripped out from west to east by a major tornado which completely changed the face of the community.  It took approximately 1/3 of the city including a major hospital, the high school, one middle school, 3 elementary schools, and 9+ churches along with commercial, multifamily and residential homes.

In less that two years since the storm the major commercial corrider is close to being completely rebuilt.  The major hospital has been relocated near the interstate and is rising into the sky creating a new skyline.  The high school campus has been almost doubled in size and construction has begun.

Everywhere you look there is construction going on in the residential community.  Churches have been rebuilt, appartment buildings are in stages from being completely finish to just being framed.  A large number of single family homes are finished and occupied. 

Joplin is a city on the move!!  Come join us and be a part of the rebirth!

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